Hooper Bay Alaskan Lidded Basket

Yup'ik Eskimo

Hooper Bay Alaskan Lidded Basket, Baskets by  Yup'ik Eskimo
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Hooper Bay Alaskan Lidded Basket
Yup'ik Eskimo
Bundle foundation-coiled using beach grass with dyed grass for decoration
10 3/4" height X 8 1/2" maximum diameter
Coil count
3 per inch
Stitch count
12 per inch
Date of creation
Circa 1970
Good, not excellent, as approximately 6 or 7 missing stitches on jar's exterior. See last photograph. 25% fade to dyed fibers.
An Bu
About The Hooper Bay Alaskan Lidded Basket

Hooper Bay or Naparyarmiut is a city in Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska, United States. At the 2000 census the population was 1,014. The Boards of Canada EP Hooper Bay was named after the city. 

About Yup'ik Eskimo
"The Yup'ik are a group of indigenous or aboriginal peoples of western, southwestern and south central Alaska and the Russian Far East.  They are Eskimo and are related to the Inuit and Inupiat peoples.  Yupik peoples are:  Alutiiq or Sugpiaq of the Alaskan Peninsula; Central Alaskan Yup'ik of the Yukon-Kuskokwim delta, the Kuskokwim River and along the northern coast of Bristol Bay and the northern Alaska Peninsula and Silberian Yupik.

As of 2001 there were approximately 24,000 Yup'ik people, most of these residing in Alaska.

Yup'ik comes from the word yuk meaning "person".  Pik means "real" or "genuine".  Together they translate to "real people".  taken from Wikipedia


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