Sterling Silver Overlay Bear Paw Pendant

Wayne and Emory Sekaquaptewa

Sterling Silver Overlay Bear Paw Pendant, Jewelry by Wayne and Emory Sekaquaptewa
  • Hopi pendant
  • overlay silver pendant
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Sterling Silver Overlay Bear Paw Pendant
Wayne and Emory Sekaquaptewa
Sterling silver
Troy ounces
1.54 troy ounces
3 1/16" height X 1 13/16" width plus bail is 5/16" in height.
Hopi Crafts shop mark
Date of creation
Circa 1965-1975
The overlay saw cuts are very clean leaving large openings of blackened background visible in this large format bear paw. One can see how perfect the fine texture stamping follows the graceful form of the paw and its powerful sharp claws.
Gram weight
48.2 grams
About The Sterling Silver Overlay Bear Paw Pendant

Wonderful and strong this bear paw pendant is a striking example of the silverwork created by Hopi brothers Wayne & Emory Sekaquaptewa, founders of Hopi Crafts. Though the shop itself existed on a very short time from 1962 to 1983, the work done by the brothers and those artists taught by them continues to this day to be recognized for its beauty and appreciated for its contribution to what is most loved about Hopi art and jewelry.

The bear is the symbol of hunter, provider.  It is also, because of its resurrection from winter's deathlike sleep, the healer's patron and symbol.  This would be perfect for that heroic doctor or nurse, the mother or mother-in-law who has always "been there" to help.  We can think of a myriad of ways this bear paw could say what there are no words for if given as a gift.

Because of its glorious size and weight, plus the fact it is blessed with a 5/32" or a 4 mm curve variance from top to bottom, we can also see this piece as the ultimate belt buckle.  Yes, we can help with that.

About Wayne and Emory Sekaquaptewa

Wayne (1923-1979) and Emory (1928-2007) were brothers who established Hopi Enterprise, which later became Hopicrafts Guild. Together they trained a number of jewelers who worked under one roof, developing new methods of jewelry production.

Initially the Hopicrafts symbol represented the hallmark for either brother.  Once their trainees were sufficiently skilled, Wayne and Emory added their last name stamped to differentiate their efforts from other members of their team of jewelers.

Emory was a Hopi leader and a school, known for his role in compiling the first dictionary of the Hopi language.  He was also believed to be the first Native American to graduate from West Point.  Later he attended law school at the University of Arizona.

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