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 Celebrating Our 25th Year 

Artwork by Wayne and Emory Sekaquaptewa

2 artworks currently available by Wayne and Emory Sekaquaptewa.

About the Artist

Wayne (1923-1979) and Emory (1928-2007) were brothers who established Hopi Enterprise, which later became Hopicrafts Guild. Together they trained a number of jewelers who worked under one roof, developing new methods of jewelry production.

Initially the Hopicrafts symbol represented the hallmark for either brother.  Once their trainees were sufficiently skilled, Wayne and Emory added their last name stamped to differentiate their efforts from other members of their team of jewelers.

Emory was a Hopi leader and a school, known for his role in compiling the first dictionary of the Hopi language.  He was also believed to be the first Native American to graduate from West Point.  Later he attended law school at the University of Arizona.