Floriform Channel Inlay Watchband

Bernice Tekala

Floriform Channel Inlay Watchband, Jewelry by Bernice Tekala
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Floriform Channel Inlay Watchband
Bernice Tekala
Sterling silver and natural American turquoise
Interior measurement is 5 3/8" with an opening measuring 15/16". Maximum width of the band is 1/2" at the center. Watch is 13/16" in diameter.
"RB" inside cuff
Date of creation
Circa 1950's
Excellent with a few wear scratches (not bad for 40 plus years of use!)
Natural American turquoise sky blue in color without matrix.
Very well taken care of with original Caravelle watch (mechanical water resistant with second hand)
Stampwork utilizes hand-made stamps. This is chisel work as well as some file carving. Bezels are hand cut.
An Arizona estate kw
About The Floriform Channel Inlay Watchband

Sweet highly detailed sterling silver watch cuff with floriform channel inlaid blue turquoise. Thirty four pear-shaped hand-cut stones 2 1/2 mm in length X 1 1/2 mm at the widest point arranged to form a daisy with stem to either side of a watch mount. The heart of each flower is a tiny 1 mm round. The tabs securing the watch have silver covers with notched edges and each is stamped with three tiny leaves.

The overall work by artists Bernice & Roosevelt Tekala is lacy and very feminine. Using everything possible, they have gone beyond Zuni traditional work and created an exceptional piece of silver work, beautiful, comfortable and wonderfully functional. Listed in many books for their artistry, Bernice and Roosevelt have developed a style that is their own and yet incorporates generations of cultural influence and tremendous skill. This bracelet will make check the time a pleasure to the eye!

About Bernice Tekala
Bernice collaborated with her husband, Roosevelt Tekala. This Zuni couple actively created channel inlay as well as stampwork jewelry during the 1940's. Each favored flowers, feathers and leaf designs to enhance bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins and watchbands. Examples of their watchbands are illustrated in the Bells' book Zuni the Art and the People, along with an enlarged version of their RB hallmark.

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