Three Row Bracelet Featuring 30 Turquoise Round Stones

Jack Weekoty

Three Row Bracelet Featuring 30 Turquoise Round Stones, Jewelry by Jack Weekoty
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Three Row Bracelet Featuring 30 Turquoise Round Stones
Jack Weekoty
Sterling silver and stabilized American turquoise
Troy ounces
1.32 troy ounces
Interior measurement is 5 7/8" from end to end with a 7/8" opening. This bracelet can be made larger, increasing the size of the opening with care. Its maximum width is 15/16", tapering to 3/4" at the ends.
"Sterling" "JW MS" on bracelet's interior
Date of creation
Circa 1970's
Excellent. No repairs.
Early type of stabilized, which toughens the stone, helping it to resist breaking during cutting and war. Light blue green to green with light brown matrix.
From an Arizona estate KGE
Gram weight
42.4 grams
About The Three Row Bracelet Featuring 30 Turquoise Round Stones

Most likely made by Jack Wekoty and Marie Silver or possibly Martha Smiley. There were 7 different silversmiths who used the stamp "MS".

Fabricated from sheet metal with hand-made silver raindrops used as decorative accents around and between recut commercial bezel material settings. The stamps used to decorate the 3 band shank were hand made and carefully held and positioned. The work is overall clean and attractive as well as sturdy!

About Jack Weekoty
(20th century Zuni artist) Taught by the legendary Zuni lapidariest, Horace Iule, Weekoty specialized in channel inlay, as well as setting small turquoise cabochons. At times he spelled his name "Weekooty", although his hallmark consisted of his initials in Gothic print. The above information was derived from Barton Wright's Hallmarks of the Southwest.

Navajo, American Indian





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