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Miniature Pictorial Baskets

Tohono O'odham

About The Miniature Pictorial Baskets

Amazing manual dexterity!


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Amazing manual dexterity!


About the Artist Tohono O'odham basket makers are among the finest in Native America. All materials are natural, as are all the colors - no dyes are ever used. Preparing the materials and forming the baskets is a very labor-intensive process. The basketry created by this tribe is best described by Terry De Wald in his book The Papago Indians and Their Basketry. Mr. De Wald has been a trader specializing in their basketry for more than 25 years.
Culture American Indian, Arizona
Medium Horsehair
Size Tray: 1/4" height x 1 3/4" diameter Figure: 1 1/4" height x 5/8" diameter
Coil count Tray: 18 coils per inch
Stitch count Figure: 24 stitches per inch
Date of creation Circa 1980
Condition Excellent
Design Coiled basket tray with geometric motif. Coiled figure of woman with long braid in back
Provenance AnS-12 & AnS-15
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