Sunface, Spirit Form Cuff

Jesse Monongya

Sunface, Spirit Form Cuff, Jewelry by Jesse Monongya
  • Jesse Monongye
  • inlay cuff
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Gallery Price $6,750.00
Sunface, Spirit Form Cuff
Jesse Monongya
Sterling silver, pearl shell, turquoise, red coral and jet
Troy ounces
2.83 troy ounces
5 1/8" interior end to end with a 1 1/8" opening. Will fit 6-6 1/8" wrist. Center height is 2 1/4", tapering to 1" at each terminal
Stamped three (3) times "Monogye" on cuff's interior
Date of creation
Circa 1995
Natural sky blue turquoise
La Si
Gram weight
88.1 grams
About The Sunface, Spirit Form Cuff

Mill-rolled sterling silver sheet and drawn low dome "wire" were utilized in the fabrication of this cuff.  Finishing and preparation for inlay work was accomplished with files and varied abrasive methods.

The intarsia consists of meticulous cutting, drilling and fitting of natural materials into the detailed image of a sunface spirit form.  A background of Mediterranean coral, represents the day.  

Each terminal is completely different.  Right of the central design, the end is set with sky blue turquoise, separated from the coral by an intricate band of jet with a dot/ dash pattern in shell, turquoise and coral.  The left side terminal continues in coral with two circular inlays, the larger of which is turquoise with central dot and outline of jet.  A 1mm dot of silver is the smaller inlay.

Mind boggling intricacy is what Jesse is known for in the realm of jewelry making as a fine art. This cuff demonstrates Jesse's mastery of materials and execution in his chosen life of aesthetic expression.  How wonderful that it is wearable.

Jesse's earlier work utilizes a stamped signature spelled "Monogye", whereas his later work is stamped "Monogya". 

About Jesse Monongya

(Born 1952, Navajo/ Hopi)  Raised in New Mexico in the famous Navajo rug center of Two Gray Hills, Jesse learned early the perfection of the craft from watching the weavers and their pursuit of balance and technical perfection. 

Monongya assisted in the placing of historic and contemporary Native American jewelry in the permanent display at the Heard Museum. He also was the Artist in Residence at the Heard Museum during 1986-87, teaching and demonstrating the centuries old art of Navajo jewelry making.


Monongya's jewelry has been featured in a number of group and private exhibitions and is represented in both corporate and private collections, including collections of many other artists. He has won many awards at the major American Indian art shows throughout the Southwest.


Some of the major influences upon Monongya's work have been in varying degrees: Preston, his father, who he did not know until he was a grown man; his Hopi and Navajo background; (his grandfather being the much respected Hopi Elder David Monongya); his Navajo grandfather who taught him the respect of his environment and the old Navajo ways of discipline and the Beauty Way.


American Indian, Hopi, Navajo





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