Four Strand Santo Domingo/ Kewa Necklace 1910-1930's

Pueblo Indian

Four Strand Santo Domingo/ Kewa Necklace 1910-1930's, Jewelry by  Pueblo Indian
Savvy Price $3,200.00
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Four Strand Santo Domingo/ Kewa Necklace 1910-1930's
Pueblo Indian
4 different types of natural turquoise, shells, ingot silver
Troy ounces
6.20 troy ounces
Inside strand is 26" including 6" split wrap. Exterior strand is 32" with strands of 30" and 28" between.
Date of creation
Natural ranging from green to blue turquoise
Astute collector of American Indian jewelry
Gram weight
195.5 grams
About The Four Strand Santo Domingo/ Kewa Necklace 1910-1930's

At least four different types of natural green to blue turquoise and a variety of shells were used to create the various carvings, tabs and heishi in this multi-generation necklace.

Turquoise of nugget, seam and flake forms from Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona were gathered--along with abalone, conus, spiney oyster and olivella shells.  The oldest pieces are pump drilled using a modified iron nail or other hard metal point. 

A brace and bit were used to pierce younger elements and heishi "pot shell" graduated between ornaments.  "Pot shell" is a term used for the mixture of precious shell pieces saved over time and strung together with or without the addition of new material.

Originally on cotton twist, this necklace was restored using a Kevlar cord, which will outweather cotton by decades.  The same material secures its ingot silver wire clasp and serves as a foundation for the traditional layered wrap.

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