Second Time

Ralph "Gus" Kniffin

Second Time, Drawings by Ralph "Gus" Kniffin
  • Kniffin drawing
  • Kniffin painting
Savvy Price $1,200.00
Gallery Price $1,500.00
Second Time
Ralph "Gus" Kniffin
Black ink and Prismacolor pencils
Sight size
12" height X 23" width
Two archival window mats, regular glass, black textured metal sectional molding
Frame size
21 1/4" height X 32" width
"Ralph 'Gus" Kniffin 5 12 77" at viewer's lower right
Date of creation
Excellent to good, due to two dark specks in background at viewer's left
AP Fenderson collection
About The Second Time

Kniffin's flawless line work speaks to his infinite patience and control over his medium.

About Ralph "Gus" Kniffin

(Born 1946-2013) Apache/ Shoshone American Indian) A member of the San Carlos tribe, Kniffin was a painter who studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico and specifically with Allan Houser, Charles Loloma and Fritz Scholder.

Kniffin won first place, a special award and two honorable mentions for his pen and ink drawings at the annual Scottsdale National in 1976.  He also won first prize and honorable mention at the Heard Annual Art Show in Phoenix (1976).  Kniffin was represented in Phoenix, Arizona by Gallery Three.  

He had been cited in Who's Who in American Art.

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