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Vessel 86-34

Paul Soldner

About The Vessel 86-34

Female nude in bas relief is featured on each side.

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Product Details

Female nude in bas relief is featured on each side.

About the Artist (1921-2011)  "Paul Edmund Soldner was an American ceramic artist and educator, noted for his experimentation with the 16th-century Japanese technique called raku, introducing new methods of firing and post firing, which became known as American Raku. He was the founder of the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in 1966."  Wikipedia

Nothing to Hide is a book by Soldner sharing his creative thought processes.  A completely satisfying DVD titled Playing with Fire (2008) chronicles the artist physical approach to constructing his clay expressions.  Countless peer clay artists are interviewed in this film, so you grasp Soldner's significance in helping to reshape clay sculpture on the world stage.

Soldner enjoyed multiple retrospectives in the USA, one of them taking place at Arizona State University's Ceramic Research Center in 2003.
Medium Low fire clay, slips, thrown and altered
Size 26 1/4" height X 38 1/2" width X 9 3/4" depth
Base Wood base is 1 1/2" height X 16" width X 11 /4" depth
Signed Not visible
Date of creation 1986
Condition Excellent to good, 1/3" chip at viewer's leftmost extension
Provenance GJS
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