Ganado Christmas Tree Weaving

Navajo weaver

Ganado Christmas Tree Weaving , Textiles by   Navajo weaver
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Savvy Price $450.00
Gallery Price $550.00
Ganado Christmas Tree Weaving
Navajo weaver
Hand-spun wool, analine dyed (red)
49" height X 35" width
Warp count
7 per inch
Weft count
24 per inch
Date of creation
Circa 1935-1940
Ku Lie
About The Ganado Christmas Tree Weaving

Red, black and natural wool borders frame zig zag shapes reminding me of Christmas trees abstracted.  

Professionally cleaned by a Navajo weaving specialist.

About Navajo weaver

The word "Navajo" translates to "great planted fields". Their source of wool was the Spanish who in the late 1500's brought with them herds of churro-type sheep and goats. Weaving skills came to them nearly a decade later when Pueblo Indians introduced weaving to the Navajo.

Later the Navajos traded textiles with the Plains Indians, those from the Pueblos and the Spanish. As wagons full of Anglos journeyed west, a new source of supply in yarns, dyes and bolts of cloth encouraged the introduction of their weavings into Anglo cultures. The cottage industry of Navajo weaving had been launched.

Weaving styles such as Crystal, Ganado, Two Grey Hills, Wide Ruins, Teec Nos Pos, Red Mesa, Pine Springs were impacted by preferences of the trading post owners. Some traders provided rug design cards guiding weavers to produce more popular designs.

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