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Lounging, Blowing Smoke Rings

Myron Gaseoma

About The Lounging, Blowing Smoke Rings

Perfect dimensions for over a doorway !

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Product Details

Perfect dimensions for over a doorway !

About the Artist Known primarily as a carver of Hopi kachinas and rattles, first active in the late 1950's, this Hopi artist was awarded 1st prize in 1988 at the Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial at Gallup. Gaseoma exhibited as early as 1969 at the Heard Show, in 1979 at the Hopi show held at the Museum of Northern Arizona.  

Galleries selling his carvings were located in Arizona, California, Colorado as well as in Tokyo, Japan.
Culture American Indian, Hopi
Style Whimsical
Medium Acrylic paint on paper board
Sight size 6 1/2" height X 35 1/2" width
Frame Black finished wood molding
Frame size 7 1/2" height X 36 1/2" width
Signed "Myron Gaseoma" at viewer's lower right
Condition Fair to good, due to 6" scratch shown on last photo. Also board on which is painted is somewhat bowed.
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