Cast, Sculpted Aluminum Door Handles 1959-1960

Allen Kee

Cast, Sculpted Aluminum Door Handles 1959-1960, Odd but Great by Allen Kee
  • turquoise door handles
  • Navajo door handles
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Cast, Sculpted Aluminum Door Handles 1959-1960
Allen Kee
Cast aluminum and natural turquoise
32 1/3" length X 2 1/2" width (larger handle), 24" length X 2 1/2" width (smaller handle)
Date of creation
Natural turquoise from the Herget mine in Southeastern Arizona
About The Cast, Sculpted Aluminum Door Handles 1959-1960

Edward L. Varney (architect designer), Jasper D'Ambrosi (sculptor designer), Allen Kee (Navajo silversmith, lapidary artist)

Methods for creating the metal bodies include sculpting a wax model of each handle form, investment and burn out of same.  Vacant investments were then filled with molten aluminum.  The cooled casting is then freed from its shell and carefully hand finished using files, sand papers and buffing compounds.

Inlay of turquoise was hand cut and mosaic fitted to each handle by Allen Kee of the White Hogan. He was a master lapidary and silversmith, more than equal to the task.

The smaller handle is 24" X 2 1/2" tapering to 1 1/4" at each end.  Base to top depth is 3 1/4".  Larger handle is 32 5/16" X 2 1/2" tapering to 1 5/8" at each end.  Base to top depth is 3 3/8".

Sleek, timeless, a brilliant cultural fusion, these mid 20th century door handles serve as exquisite decoration for a grand entrance ?  Originally created as models for the new clubhouse opoened at the Phoenix Country Club in 1961, they had been designed to grace the lobby doors as a promise of the standards and luxury a member or guest could expect.  Bronze was chosen for the lobby entry because of its golden hue.  In 2001 the clubhouse was remodeled.  The beautiful bronze and turquoise handles were moved to a more secure set of doors, providing entry to the President's Club!

The two stunning statements, offered by Savvy Collector, are all-star creations.  Each is a one and only, bringing together the talents of Varney, D'Ambrosi and Kee to create a unique marriage of metal and stone.


About Allen Kee
(active 1940's to early 1960's) This Navajo artist was a cousin of Kenneth Begay's. Both worked for the White Hogan in Scottsdale, Arizona.
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American Indian, USA


Odd but Great, Sculpture



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