28" High Western Apache Basketry Olla


28" High Western Apache Basketry Olla, Baskets by Apache
Savvy Price $12,000.00
Gallery Price $15,000.00
28" High Western Apache Basketry Olla
Willow rod foundation, willow and martynia weft
28" height X 28" maximum diameter
Coil count
3 per inch above shoulder, 4 per inch below shoulder
Stitch count
12 per inch above shoulder, 14 per inch below shoulder
Date of creation
Circa 1910-1920
Fair, due to stitch loss as described and as seen in photos
About The 28" High Western Apache Basketry Olla

Design consists of 5 petal martynia start, measuring 4 1/4" diameter (excluding petals).  Figurative elements consist of men, crosses and likely deer interspersed with 5 columns of stepped inverted triangles in martynia.  

Distinctive checkerboard neck collar alternates willow and martynia.  

Stitch loss is 3% at martynia rim, 3-5% overall exterior, 12-15% on exterior bottom.  Basket's interior is dirty with two areas of white pigment seen in photograph.  Dust is present on basket's interior and exterior.

About Apache
"The Western Apaches include five independent divisions speaking slightly different varieties of the same language; one of these is the San Carlos Apaches. Each division consists of two to five independent bands of some 50 to 700 members each (in 1880). Each of these in turn included several locals groups of 35 to 200 people. These were the basic landholding and political units. The Apaches live in a mountain and canyon country of forests, well-watered valleys and deserts. They depended mainly on hunting deer and antelope and on gathering wild plants such as mescal tubers, cactus fruits, mesquite beans and pinon nuts. Farming provided about a quarter of their foods from corn, beans and squash raised on small irrigated plots in the mountains. . . " The Native Americans The Indigenous People of North America edited by Colin F. Taylor

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