Zuni Maiden Balancing Her Water Jar

Madeline Beyuka

Zuni Maiden Balancing Her Water Jar, Jewelry by Madeline Beyuka
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Zuni Maiden Balancing Her Water Jar
Madeline Beyuka
Sterling silver, jet, coral, turquoise, melon shell and mother-of-pearl
Troy ounces
.37 troy ounces
Figures is 2 1/4" height X 1" width X 1/8" depth. Ring size is 6 3/4.
"MB" vertically stacked on back of ring's face
Date of creation
1960's - mid 1970's
Perfect !
Zuni women, in all their beauty of soul and dignity, were a favorite subject of Madeline Beyuka. Madeline was the mother of nine (9) children, three of whom became jewelry artists: Jonathan, Filbert and Christine.
Gram weight
11.6 grams
About The Zuni Maiden Balancing Her Water Jar

Construction of shank and subject maiden's form is accomplished in sterling silver.  A low-dome half-round drawn wire of 1/8" width was used for the simple band attached to the center of the figure's back plate.  Mill-rolled sheet was used for the outline bezel as well as details of the full color inlay.  Jet, coral, turquoise, melon shell and mother of pearl in vibrant hues were meticulously cut, carved and precision fit to create the sweet faced young woman balancing a water jar on her head.

Madeline's exquisite work reflects, with loving care, the nobility, strength and traditional ideals of her culture and Zuni women in particular.

About Madeline Beyuka
Born 1935, former wife of Eddie Beyuka, Madeline stamps her work MB.  This Zuni jeweler is known for her Zuni maidens and eagle dancers.  

She is cited in numerous publications touting American Indian jewelers and favors making bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins and rings using silver, turquoise, jet, mother-of-pearl and coral.

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