Sterling Button Earrings with Staggered Pendants

Rita Touchine

Sterling Button Earrings with Staggered Pendants, Jewelry by Rita Touchine
Savvy Price $300.00
Gallery Price $385.00
Sterling Button Earrings with Staggered Pendants
Rita Touchine
Sterling silver and natural turquoise
Troy ounces
.42 troy ounces (together)
Overall length from button top to bottom of longest pendant is 3". Button diameter is 3/4". Pendant terminals are 3/8" X 5/16".
"Rita Touchine" using script lettering stamp
Date of creation
Circa 1960's
Natural green turquoise
Each earring is also stamped "STERLING"
Gram weight
13.1 grams (together)
About The Sterling Button Earrings with Staggered Pendants

Sterling silver sheet and heavy guage wire were used to fabricate the post back button tops and their pendants.  Each button is hand stamped with a 16 petal design, the center of which is a hand cut natural dark green turquoise stone nearly 1/8" in diameter.  The serrated bezels were hand crafted.  Each of the varied length pendants suspends from a single ring on a heavy silver wire.  The terminals are made in two halves like hogan beads, but not pierced.  

Posts are fitted with silver comfort clutches.

Rita Touchine's work is always joyous.  Her creative heart followed fashion while giving voice to a traditional soul.  Rita was inventive.  Selling to the White Hogan, Atkins Trading, Turpin's and many other shops in Old Town Scottsdale, Rita would give Jon Bonnell "first pick" because she knew he would appreciate the most unusual of her efforts.  He always did.

Rita Touchine's jewelry, especially her earrings, are a rare second market find, because her work is well loved and usually kept within a family.  The current owner has no descendants and would love to see them find a good home with another vibrant, adventuresome spirit.

About Rita Touchine
Born circa 1930, there have been a number of talented Navajo jewelers whose last name was Touchine.

American Indian, Navajo, Women Artists