Bear Paw Canteen

Andrew Padilla

Bear Paw Canteen, Pottery by Andrew Padilla
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Bear Paw Canteen
Andrew Padilla
Hand-coiled polished and carved white clay
5 1/2" height from lip to canteen's bottom X 6 1/4" width from lug to lug, 3" depth
"Andrew Padilla, Laguna, N.M." in dark slip
Date of creation
Circa 1990
JW, an estate from Texas
About The Bear Paw Canteen

Understated, this modest canteen is soooo Andrew Padilla.

A single bear paw design enhances this gourd-like vessel.

About Andrew Padilla

(Born 1956) Mr. Padilla is both Laguna and Santa Clara in heritage. His grandmother, Reycita Padilla hailed from Santa Clara pueblo and served as his mentor with respect to pottery making at the age of ten.

Until 1982 this artist created black on black traditional Santa Clara pottery.  After moving to Laguna pueblo, he began to experiment with Laguna pueblo white clay.  His training continued through instruction from his mother Gladys Paquin.  

"The clay is gathered in the early spring and the beginning of the fall.  He cleans, mixes, hand coils, shapes and fires his pottery the traditional way, outdoors.  He hand coils many different shapes and sizes of pottery.  Padilla enjoys making the white melon vessels and on occasion accepts a kiva step lid as the crown."  excerpted from Material Insight online

Padilla is referenced in the following publications:  Southern Pueblo Pottery 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf and Southwestern Pottery Anasazi to Zuni by Mr. and Mrs. Hayes.


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