28 Natural Red Coral Cabochons Set in a Silver Cuff

Alvina Quam

28 Natural Red Coral Cabochons Set in a Silver Cuff, Jewelry by Alvina Quam
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28 Natural Red Coral Cabochons Set in a Silver Cuff
Alvina Quam
Sterling silver and natural red coral
Troy ounces
1.34 troy ounces
5 1/4" from terminal to terminal with 1 1/16" opening. Overall width of band is 3/4". It does not taper.
"Alvina Q. Zuni" inside
Date of creation
Circa 1970's
Sterling silver mill rolled sheet and smelted for drops were used to fabricate this bracelet. Natural red coral branch segments were hand cut into 3/16" square and 13/16" X 1/4" mountain-shaped cabochons.
Ka Sm
Gram weight
41.8 grams
About The 28 Natural Red Coral Cabochons Set in a Silver Cuff

The coral in this cuff is of exceptional and consistent quality.  Its density is glassine.  The color is perfectly matched and of a deep red, like cherries or ripe strawberries.  Alvina Quam, who was known for this style of work with "mountain" cut stones was an artist who worked with and appreciated all aspects of nature in her materials.

Alvina carefully and beautifully saw cut, stamped and file shaped the heavy foundation sheet along its length on both sides.  The textured scalloped edge creates a handsome border for the square and rectangular red coral set in decorative bezels with 1/8" hand-cut serrations.  These silver triangular points secure and enhance the wild, earthy quality of the precious, almost translucent red ocean gem material.

This cuff is one of her classics !

About Alvina Quam
Known to sign her work "Alvina Q. Zuni", Alvina Quam began to make jewelry in the 1970's.  The granddaughter of Doris Ondelacy and Wayne Ondelacy; daughter of Alice Quam and Duane Quam, Alvina was taught to make jewelry by her mother.  She is listed in Gregory Schaaf's Jewelry III:M-Z book.

American Indian, Zuni, Women Artists





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