Lucinda Yrene

Protector, Paintings by Lucinda Yrene
  • LaMorena painting
  • Chicana painting
Savvy Price $1,200.00
Gallery Price $1,500.00
Lucinda Yrene
Acrylic on canvas
Canvas size
33" height X 55" width
"LaMorena" at viewer's lower left
Date of creation
Circa 2018
Ma Ch
About The Protector

In Lucinda Yrene's (LaMorena) words:

"My painting represents two fo my children and their spirit animal.  Spirit animals act as totems, omens, guides or protective guardians.  It will reference their past to present.  The concept this painting represents is women and children who have suffered from post-traumatic stress due to domestic violence.  The children represent the cause and effect in the ugly cycle of domestic violence.  

As a victim myself, who has also suffered from PTSD, the therapeutic nature of this painting comes from within.  This painting is for all my mujeres, mothers and luchadoras.  As I continue to heal from this burden through my art, I now want to act as an advocate to inspire and education other women. 

The painting speaks of liberation and spirituality.  It will educate and give hope to many."

About Lucinda Yrene
Known as LaMorena is a Chicana self-taught muralist, painter and resident artist at the Grand ArtHause in Phoenix, AZ

She is trouble, as this alert mother of three stands up for herself and for others expressing her beliefs, be it concerning immigrant or human rights impacting all cultures.  

Yrene's gallery representation includes:  ChinMaya Gallery in East LA; 17 Frost Gallery in Brooklyn, NY; Tangent Gallery in Detroit, Michigan; El Chante Casa de Cultural in Albuquerque, NM; The Hives Gallery as well as Arizona Latina Arts and Culture Gallery both in Phoenix, AZ.

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