Knifewing Pin and Rainbow God Earrings Set


Knifewing Pin and Rainbow God Earrings Set, Jewelry by  Zuni
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Knifewing Pin and Rainbow God Earrings Set
Sterling silver, jet, turquoise, white and red abalone shells.
Knifewing measures 2 1/8" tall X 2" from wing tip to wing tip. Rainbow gods are 1" height X 5/8" across from elbow to elbow.
No, these predate the tradition of signing or hallmarking a jewelry artist's work.
Date of creation
Knifewing pin mid 1930's. Rainbow god earrings late 1930's.
Natural Blue Gem turquoise
Four sacred direction colors and materials are utilized in both the pin and the earrings.
From an Arizona jewelry collection KW 131-132
About The Knifewing Pin and Rainbow God Earrings Set

A go anywhere jewelry ensemble! The same artist made both the pin and earrings, but at different times. The pin was made and presented in the mid 1930's. The earrings were a special request "Just something nice to wear with the beautiful pin". The rainbow gods were made in 1939 or 1940, just before the war.

The emphasis is on the turquoise in this set, which is all high grade Blue Gem. All the silvework is superb. The earrings are screwback. The set is a wonderful compliment to urban or country attire and is a testimony to the exquisite understated taste of its wearer! Earrings can be converted by a time-tested American Indian jeweler for $50.

About Zuni

The best book to explain the steps in creating Zuni cluster jewelry is Oscar Branson's Indian Jewelry Making. Volume II. Look at page 48 illustrating each step to create a cluster bracelet.

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