One of a Kind Sterling & Turquoise Shoelace Covers

Roger Tsabetsaye

One of a Kind Sterling & Turquoise Shoelace Covers , Jewelry by Roger Tsabetsaye
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One of a Kind Sterling & Turquoise Shoelace Covers
Roger Tsabetsaye
Sterling silver and two types of natural turquoise
Troy ounces
1.94 troy ounces (both together)
2 3/8" length X 2 1/16" at widest part of fringe. Inlay measures 5/16" high X 1 3/4" across.
"R. Tsabetsaye" and "Zuni" as well as eagle's tail shield
Date of creation
after 1957
Two types of natural turquoise (green blue turquoise from Nevada with dark matrix & clear blue from Sleeping Beauty mine from Arizona.
Gram weight
60 grams (both together)
About The One of a Kind Sterling & Turquoise Shoelace Covers

Just when one begins to "expect" Indian jewelry to fit certain categories, an anomaly like these shoe tabs comes along.  We've seen ash trays, lamps, spoon, etc.  Those you cannot wear.  But these lace covers can certainly change up your walking shoes or catch the sun on a golf course!  The possibilities are endless and will help your feet feel fully appreciated !  At last !!!

The fabrication of the ornaments, which are typically leather, consists of silver mill-rolled sheet cut to pattern.  Heavy gauge drawn round wire was used to make the loop for the lace in the back and swedged for the triangulated 7 bars soldered in the front as fringe spacers.  The eight fringe theme continues at the very top where the sheet, cut in eight strips has been rolled over and under a rectangular bezel spanning the lace tabs' width.  

Fringe bottom edges are scalloped and stamped with a "sunburst", while the tops of each demarcation bar have alternating circles and a starburst or sunburst stamped decoration.  The rectangular vertical openings are cut below the turquoise and above the fringe for the laces to pass through to make a bow on top of all this.

About Roger Tsabetsaye
(Born 1941, Zuni)  Nearly a full page is devoted to "Eagle's Tail", Roger Tsabetsaye, in Gregory's Schaaf's book American Indian Jewelry III M-Z.  This gentleman has been known for his raised inlay, silver and gold jewelry, flatware, paintings, pottery and has been a leading figure in American Indian education.  His jewelry teacher at the Institute of American Indian Arts was incomparable Charles Loloma.

Tsabetsaye's exhibitions began as early as 1962.  Just six years later he was chosen "Artist of the Year" by the Indian Arts & Crafts Board, Department of Interior, Washington, D.C.

Every major book covering American Indian artists as well as jewelers references Roger Tsabetsaye.  

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