Stamped Decorated Sterling bracelet with Blue Turquoise

Karl & Karen Nataani

Stamped Decorated Sterling bracelet with Blue Turquoise, Jewelry by Karl & Karen Nataani
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Stamped Decorated Sterling bracelet with Blue Turquoise
Karl & Karen Nataani
Sterling silver and natural intense blue turquoise
Troy ounces
.77 troy ounces
width and depth of bracelet is 4 mm (3/16" approximately) spreading to 5/16" width and tapering to 1 16" depth plus 1/8" depth for the bezeled turquoise. Interior measurement is 5 5/8" end to end with a 7/8" opening
"K. © Nataani "Sterling" on cuff's interior
Date of creation
Circa 2010
Natural blue turuqoise
C Per
Gram weight
24.0 grams
About The Stamped Decorated Sterling bracelet with Blue Turquoise

The silver was drawn into a square wire 4 mm X 4 mm, the ends of which were each hammer spread and file rounded to form a perfect base for three graduated silver drops (2 stamped) and a smooth bezel set 1/4" diameter natural turquoise stone.

Meticulous use of at least 7 hand-cut steel stamps provided the decoration that covers, completely, the top and side walls of this work of wearable art.

Karl Kee and Karen Nataani are perfectionists.  The consistent care with which each piece is designed and executed displays and confirms their absolute mastery of material and craft.  This bracelet is an elegant example of their great skill with timeless precious materials.

About Karl & Karen Nataani

"Karl (Kee) Nataani was born in Farmington, New Mexico.   His grandmother’s uncle was Beshligai (the name means “white metal”), one of the original Navajo Native American silversmiths from the 1860's. 

A self-taught artist, Karl found inspiration in the old concha designs.  His first jewelry-making started in the 1970's in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he created squash blossom necklaces.

Karl with his wife Karen utilize both traditional and non-traditional materials, unique designs, and innovative techniques.  Karl, inspired by the late 1800's techniques, continues to make his silver star button designs using old files.  He implements gold into some of his designs as well, giving them a more modern edge." taken from Garland's

Karl and Karen Nataani live on a ranch with horses, sheep, and cattle.  Their son continues on the family art work through his welding designs. 


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