Stunning Necklace of Sterling Beads with Turquoise Pendants

Joe Tsosie

Stunning Necklace of Sterling Beads with Turquoise Pendants, Jewelry by Joe  Tsosie
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Stunning Necklace of Sterling Beads with Turquoise Pendants
Joe Tsosie
Sterling silver and natural turquoise
Troy ounces
1.89 troy ounces
Overall length is 19" including clasp. Length of central double pendant is 2 9/16" X 9/16" width.
"J.T." on back of two center dangling pendants
Date of creation
Natural blue high grade turquoise stones
Other pendants range from 1 1/4" X 1/2" to 1 1/8" X 7/16" width from largest to smallest. Beads have a central fabrication seam and are a consistent 1/4" round.
Heavy round wire was used by the artist to fabricate the hook and figure 8 eye clasp.
CP 3072
Gram weight
58.7 grams
About The Stunning Necklace of Sterling Beads with Turquoise Pendants

The stones in this necklace display unusual matrix that transitions from dark brown to smokey with a few small flecks of pyrite to a deep blue "water web".  Extraordinary !

There are 8 hand-cut oval cabochons ranging in size from 3/4" X 1/2" and 11/16" to 1/2" at the center to 1/2" X 3/8" at the smallest.

The pendants are fabricated from sheet and heavy gauge square wire and 14 gauage round.  The oval frames for each stone are sheet backed with a clean hand-cut smooth bezel 3/16" deep securing the turquoise.  A decorative bale, made of drilled and hammer spread square wire is soldered to each oval setting, so that when strung between the necklace beads, each setting radiates to produce a collar of stunning blue.  


About Joe Tsosie
This 20th century Navajo jeweler is not covered in the standard hallmark books or in Schaaf's American Jewelry I publication because he is routinely under the radar. Joe Tsosie does not participate in Indian markets. Often he works for others, like a backup singer. His work, however; is entirely compelling in its quality of execution and its unique composition. He enlists the finest quality natural materials to boot!
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