Striking Buckle Hosting Textile Designs

Donald Eriacho

Striking Buckle Hosting Textile Designs, Jewelry by Donald Eriacho
  • Viola Eriacho
  • Zuni mosaic buckle
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Striking Buckle Hosting Textile Designs
Donald Eriacho
Sterling silver, jet, natural turquoise, red coral, gold lip and white pearl shell
Troy ounces
1.43 troy ounces
1 15/16" height X 2 7/8" width
"D-V Eriacho" stamped in cursive on verso
Circa 1980
Pa Car
Gram weight
44.4 grams
About The Striking Buckle Hosting Textile Designs

The Eriacho's mosaic work is precise and honest, from the boldest to the most delicate lines.  

The silverwork encasing and framing the inlay is strong but only supports as a vehicle.  Created using commercial rolled sheet silver and half round wire, the space between the bezel and frame edge is filled with an interesting straw or grasslike texture fabricated from small pieces of wire and sheet producing a "blanket on the grass" look.



About Donald Eriacho

collaborates often with his wife Viola Eriacho. These two Zuni jewelers, active since the 1970's, specialize making mosaic inlay, needlepoint as well as cluster jewelry.

This talented couple has made bracelets, buckles, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins and rings.  They are referenced in four definitive books naming fine American Indian jewelers (Bell, Bassman, Wright, Schaaf).

Their joint jewelry is marked "DVE, Don & Viola Eriacho, D. & V. Eriacho, D. & V. as well as with a bear paw hallmark" according to Schaaf's book of American Indian jewelers.


American Indian, Zuni





Don Eriacho, Viola Eriacho, Zuni mosaic buckle