Silver Ingot Cuff with Coral and Turquoise Mosaic Inlay

William Singer

Silver Ingot Cuff with Coral and Turquoise Mosaic Inlay, Jewelry by William Singer
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Silver Ingot Cuff with Coral and Turquoise Mosaic Inlay
William Singer
Sterling silver ingot. Mill rolled sheet. Nature blue green to teal and green turquoise as well as tomato red Mediterrean coral used in the inlay, which is embedded in two-part epoxy resin.
Troy ounces
2.36 troy ounces
5 1/8" end to end with 1 1/4" opening. Width of cuff is 1 5/32" overall. Thickness at edge is 2 mm, which is substantial, slightly thicker at inlaid center.
"SDV" marked inside at edge (shopmark of the Singer Dodge family and William Singer.
Date of creation
Gram weight
73.3 grams
About The Silver Ingot Cuff with Coral and Turquoise Mosaic Inlay

Pattern for mosaic inlay is cut out of top sheet, then sweat soldered to base sheet.  Chisel and file stamps were used to create deep relief boarders along top and bottom of bracelet, which has also been domed from within using a small hammer.

Coral and turquoise are not buried, but can be touched, their true colors seen and appreciated. Process is similar to Santo Domingo overlay only contained.  

About William Singer

(Born circa 1935) This Navajo jeweler is noted to have been active making jewelry from 1972 forward. Known for his silver jewelry employing chip inlay, he is a brother of Tommy Singer (another well known jeweler), Charlie Singer and Jackie Singer.

William Singer stamps his jewelry "S/D" to signify his authorship.

He is referenced in Gregory Schaaf's book American Indian Jewelry III:  M-Z 2,100 Artist Biographies as well as Barton Wright's revised book of American Indian hallmarks, publishedin 2000.


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