The House in My Village

Marc Chagall

The House in My Village, Prints by Marc Chagall
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The House in My Village
Marc Chagall
Color lithograph
Catalogue raisonne
Chagall's Posters Catalogue Raisonne described and illustrated on pages 116-117
Image size
22" height X 17" width
Single mat, regular glass, metal wrap molding (in need of replacement)
Frame size
30 1/4" height X 22 3/4" width
Date of creation
Fair, text above "Bordeaux" or other exhibition location and below "Foyer Des Jeunes 10 Mars - 10 Avril 1969" or other dates of exhibition has been cut off
Mourlot, Paris
About The The House in My Village

This lithographic reproduction was executed by Charles Sorlier from a small original print "A House in My Village" (1960) by Marc Chagall.  

It was used as a poster for a touring exhibition of original lithographs by Chagall.  

A total of 2500 proofs were printed to serve five (5) different exhibition locations = 500 per location.

Charles Sorlier was Chagall's chromiste, working with Chagall to help make Chagall's prints for many, many years.

About Marc Chagall

Born in western Russia in 1887, died 1985.  Chagall studied art in St. Petersburg at the school of the Society for the Protection of the Arts and privately under Leon Bakst.

In 1914 he first visited Paris, a city where he spent the greater number of his working days. He was approached by Ambroise Vollard, who commissioned him to produce a set of etchings for a deluxe art book. Their alliance resulted in some of the great masterpieces in modern art, including "Les Ames Morte (The Dead Souls)".

Chagall's work can be summarized as combining his fantasy images with a modern French execution. Often he depicted couples in love, angels and scenes from the Bible. He was highly prolific during his lifetime that spanned 98 years.

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Architecture, Birds, Female


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