House of the Moon

Doug West

House of the Moon, Prints by Doug West
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House of the Moon
Doug West
Screenprint (Serigraph or Silkscreen)
110 / 125
Image size
39 1/2" height X 11" width
Three paper mats, UV blocking glass and metal molding (custom). Recommend replace mats with PH balanced or 100% rag.
Frame size
48" height X 18 3/4" width
"DW" at viewer's lower right margin in graphite
Date of creation
"6/ 90" June 1990
Excellent, as appeared framed, glazed.
JiHer -1
About The House of the Moon

Nature dominates these Indian cliff dwellings.

West treats us to a lusciously colorful sky hosting majestic clouds and two views of the moon.

About Doug West

(Born 1947) Doug West has always been fascinated with the beauty of nature. He expresses his love for the American Southwest in his richly hued and detailed images. Born and raised in Riverside, California, Doug describes his early life as a mixture of outdoor experiences such as camping, hiking and swimming that gave him an intimacy with the outdoors.

After living and teaching in Hawaii for four years, Doug moved to the Southwest in the mid-1970's where he settled and began his career as a printmaker and artist.

West was one of twenty artists invited to participate at the White House in Washington D.C. during the annual Easter celebration.

Using the medium of silkscreen, West creates landscapes of the Southwest. The artist's method of making his pastoral, colorful scenes begins with a watercolor sketch or photographs. He likes to begin with the sky because it sets the lighting conditions and mood of the print. For the other elements he hand cuts stencils to lay over the screen, then applies the ink to the screen with a squeegee. One print can require as many as 125 applications of color, each with its own stencil. West, who works at a rate of one or two applications a day, sometimes has no idea what the print will look like until he is several weeks into the process. West prefers to do the silkscreening himself, working on several compositions at a time. His largest prints have taken up to three months to complete.

The aim of Doug West's panoramas is to instill in viewers a sense of awe in the perfection of nature. He says, "The beauty of landscapes is that you can't exhaust the potential inspiration out there."

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