Rose Lip Shell Mother of Pearl Ring

Agnes Platero

Rose Lip Shell Mother of Pearl Ring, Jewelry by Agnes  Platero
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Rose Lip Shell Mother of Pearl Ring
Agnes Platero
Sterling silver and rose lip shell mother of pearl
Troy ounces
.52 troy ounces
Ring size is 9 1/4. Face measures 1 13/16" height X 3/4" width. Shank ranges from 1/4" in width to 7/8" where it meets ring's face.
"AP" stamped on ring's interior behind face
Date of creation
Sterling silver commercial rolled sheet fabrication of entire ring. Each leaf form is hand cut and stamped.
Gram weight
15.9 grams
About The Rose Lip Shell Mother of Pearl Ring

By far one of the most luminous displays of rose lip shell seen in more than a quarter century, this stunning ring needs only a hand upon which to display its rosy rainbows.  

The most incredible light play through clouds at sunset or sunrise have nothing more to offer than what has been captured by nature and released by the skill of Agnes Platero's artistry.  

Delicate fan-shaped shell or leaf forms with tiny silver drops occupy and ornament spaces between and around the bezel-set cabochons with chatoyance rivaling that of the most prized South Sea pearls.

As comforable as it is stunning, this large ring is thoughtfully engineered with a uniquely shaped wide shank.  Curved two ways, this magnificent piece snuggles up to the base of the finger, where it meets the palm, helping to keep it perfectly positioned--a practical yet beautiful method of capturing a portion of heaven in a treasure from the sea.

About Agnes Platero

Navajo jeweler whose husband is Dan Platero, a well known jeweler and whose son is Don M. Platero, another accomplished jeweler. Agnes stamps her jewelry "AP".

She is cited in Gregory Schaaf's book American Indian Jewelry III: M-Z.


American Indian, Navajo





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