Peyote Culture Tools

Charlie Begay

Peyote Culture Tools, Paintings by Charlie Begay
  • Begay painting
  • Navajo painting
  • peyote painting
Marked Down $100.00
Gallery Price $250.00
Peyote Culture Tools
Charlie Begay
Gouache (opaque watercolor) on paper board
"Charlie Begay" at viewer's lower right
Date of creation
Circa 1980
Fair, horizontal band of discoloration measures 11 1/4" across the lower register. A 1/4" dark smudge is just below the bottom black-tipped feather on the fan.
CPL, a collection in Texas
Board size
14" height X 18" width
About The Peyote Culture Tools

Peyote fan, peyote button and more comprise a peyote set.  All are depicted meticulously by Charlie Begay.

Had this painting been in better condition, its gallery price would have approximated $550.



About Charlie Begay

Charlie Begay is a Navajo painter who was active as an artist in the late 20th century. In the late 1970s he exhibited at the Annual American Indian Art Exhibition at the Philbrook Art Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His work is included in the Heritage Center Collection at the Red Cloud Indian School in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

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Charlie Begay, Begay painting, Navajo painting, peyote painting