Koshare Minstrel 1

Allen Bahe

Koshare Minstrel 1, Paintings by Allen  Bahe
  • Bahe painting
  • Navajo painting
Marked Down $450.00
Gallery Price $650.00
Koshare Minstrel 1
Allen Bahe
Acrylic on paper board
Sight size
23 3/4" height X 17 3/4" width
Two alpha mat boards, Plexiglas, black metal sectional molding
Frame size
32 1/4" height X 26 1/4" width
"Bahe" at viewer's lower left
Date of creation
Early 1980's
Excellent (art). Minor scratches on Plexiglas.
BrBr, Arizona art collector
About The Koshare Minstrel 1

This guitar strumming Koshare figure is serenading the moon and SHE is swooning up above.  The setting is strictly southwestern with a sahuaro and prickly pear cacti beside him.

A pair of brown mice are dancing below at viewer's lower right.

About Allen Bahe

(Born 1959, Navajo) Bahe's painting was chosen for the 1993 Poster for the Coconino Center for the Arts. He won an honorable mention at the Navajo Show at the Museum of Northern Arizona the same year.

For several years he participated in the Festival of Native American Arts Outdoor Market. Bahe has also shown his paintings at Pueblo Grande Festival (1993), Litchfield Park Festival (1994) and at Legends of the West (1994).

In recent years Bahe has participated in the Heard Museum's Indian Market held in March annually. His paintings are also marketed through the Heard Museum's shop throughout the year.

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