Classic Navajo Lone Mountain Nugget Cluster Bolo Tie

Allen Kee

Classic Navajo Lone Mountain Nugget Cluster Bolo Tie, Jewelry by Allen Kee
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  • Classic Navajo Lone Mountain Nugget Cluster Bolo Tie
Marked Down $2,500.00
Gallery Price $3,200.00
Classic Navajo Lone Mountain Nugget Cluster Bolo Tie
Allen Kee
Sterling silver and natural Lone Mountain turquoise nuggets
Troy ounces
2.73 troy ounces
3" height X 2 3/4" width is face. Tips including dangles measure 2 7/8" in length.
"AK" chiseled on back of face
Date of creation
Mid to late 1950's to early 1960's
Perfect with new black leather lariat
Lone Mountain mine area, light to darker blue green Nevada natural turquoise
Bezels enclosing each stone were hand-cut.
JW 1008
Gram weight
85.1 grams
About The Classic Navajo Lone Mountain Nugget Cluster Bolo Tie

This very handsome bola tie is a classic nugget cluster in the shape of a Windsor knot.

The nicely stamped frame and natural turquoise forms display a craggy life of their own echoed by matching tips on the hand-braided black leather cord.  

The AK mark on the back was made with a chisel.  This stamp is one of several used by Allen Kee to mark his work independant of White Hogan, the shop he worked for at the time he made this.  

The turquoise is first stratta new vein material taken from a private claim near the Lone Mountain mine in Nevada.  Aside from its connections historically this big bold bola can bridge easily the accessory "gender" gap. This one will look fantastic on anyone from a large man to a petite woman. Some couples we know do share . . .

The AK was used more often with the White Hogan stamp.  He also used A KEE, A.KEE and KEE all done with a chisel. No single book lists all of these marks.  Jon Bonnell had an entire collection of his work with all the different marks.  The work styles were varied. He preferred to work on things that displayed a lot of stone, from bezel set clusters to tufa stone channel inlay his work was often mistaken for Zuni.

About Allen Kee
(active 1940's to early 1960's) This Navajo artist was a cousin of Kenneth Begay's. Both worked for the White Hogan in Scottsdale, Arizona.
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