Mediterranean Coral and Shell Heishi Necklace

Santo Domingo

Mediterranean Coral and Shell Heishi Necklace , Jewelry by   Santo Domingo
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Mediterranean Coral and Shell Heishi Necklace
Santo Domingo
Mediterranean deep orange to tomato red coral, brown and white olivella shell heishi, sterling silver
Inside strand is 24 1/2" in length. Outside strand is 25 1/2" in length. Cones are 3/4" X 5/ 32" width
Date of creation
1960's to early 1970's
103 coral natural beads ranging in size from 5/16" X 3/16" to 11/16" to 1/2".
STei #41
Gram weight
79 grams (at least 300 plus karats of coral)
About The Mediterranean Coral and Shell Heishi Necklace

This is an absolutely delicious coral necklace with the most wonderful range of sun ripened reds and deep orange reds. An unknown Santo Domingo artist worked countless hours selecting and hand cutting and drilling materials that took great time and money to collect even 45 to 50 years ago when this stunning necklace was made. The density of the coral is like glass with a fine polish reminiscent of Japanese lacquer. This grade of coral is very rare now. Existing coral beds are well protected. Each bead is cut from a branch junction to provide the largest and most interesting shape.  Each coral bead is unique lovingly polished, hand drilled and hand cut and polished. The olive shell heishi between each bead is just enough to help the beads lay nice and provide a little contrasting accent.   SavvyCollector is very pleased to offer this fine piece for "adoption".  It fairly glows and has a richness about it that goes anywhere with distinction. Red is the color of the east, symbol of life new and existing.  It is also a symbol of birth and fertility.  

About Santo Domingo

The potters of Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico are known for well-formed pottery decorated with dramatic stylized flora, often in combination with geometric designs.

Santo Domingo Pueblo also hosts jewelers with expertise in creating the finest heishi as well as shell overlay work. In the early years, some overlay work combined traditional turquoise, jet and shell with unorthodox modern materials such as poker chips and phonograph records.

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