Glorious Cluster Turquoise Pin


Glorious Cluster Turquoise Pin, Jewelry by  Zuni
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Glorious Cluster Turquoise Pin
Sterling silver and natural American Southwestern turquoise
Troy ounces
.90 troy ounces
2 3/4" length X 2 1/8" height
Date of creation
Excellent with some normal wear
Natural blue and green American turquoise. 20 pear shaped 1/4" length X 3/16" width stones, 2 pear shaped 8/8" length X 3 /16" width plus 13 round stones.
Gram weight
27.8 grams
About The Glorious Cluster Turquoise Pin

This wonderful old Zuni pin has seen at least 70 years of loving wear.

The rich color of the natural turquoise has developed a beautiful satin patina that seems to go translucent in certain light.  

Made in the 1940's with the war shortages of every kind, silver was actually rationed and the U.S. government made nickels out of silver from 1932 to 1945 to help American silversmiths continue to make a living.  The silver in this pin is rolled and rawn from "melt".  

Every little bit of what was available was used to provide a proper frame for the even more precious stones. There is no garment that his pin would not compliment.  The pin has a good safety catch and would work well on a fedora or a beret.  

Good jewelry, like good people, has no limits.

Turquoise represents sky and water, the soul and the life of the desert.

About Zuni

The best book to explain the steps in creating Zuni cluster jewelry is Oscar Branson's Indian Jewelry Making. Volume II. Look at page 48 illustrating each step to create a cluster bracelet.

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