Indian School Foot Locker Carved and Painted

Horace Iule

Indian School Foot Locker Carved and Painted, Odd but Great by Horace Iule
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Marked Down $3,800.00
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Indian School Foot Locker Carved and Painted
Horace Iule
Wood, paint, leather handles, brass lock and latch
10 1/2" height X 18" length X 10" depth
"H. Iule" painted on lid
Date of creation
Early 1920's
Good to fair. Leather handles on each of two ends are broken. There is a sizeable hole in the locker's bottom (1 1/2" ht X 4 1/2" length). Clasp is no longer functional.
FE Northern Arizona collector of weird but wonderful items WH
About The Indian School Foot Locker Carved and Painted

Known for his utlilization of knifewing elements in Iule's jewelry, his foot locker, carved and painted, hosts 5 butterflies and 4  knifewing figures.

This foot locker is a piece of history!

Horace would have taken it with him to boarding school, keeping it positioned near his bed.  In it he kept his personal belongings from home.  He was known to have attended the Phoenix Indian School in the early 1920's.

About Horace Iule

(Circa 1900 - late 1970's) Taught to make jewelry by his father, Horace Iule was known for his sandcast work, his channel inlay and cluster work as well as his crosses often adorned with set stones of turquoise or coral.  He was a third generation Zuni jeweler, learning silversmithing from his father in 1924 after having learned blacksmithing at the Phoenix Indian School in the early 1920's.  

"He is credited with being the first in 1928 to create jewelry based on Knifewing, the Zuni spirit of the Zenith. Iule carved his sandcast molds out of stone."  Gregory Schaaf's book American Indian Jewelry I 1,200 Artists Biographies

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