Man's Vision of Being

Jerry Ingram

Man's Vision of Being, Paintings by Jerry Ingram
  • Ingram painting
  • Choctaw painting
Savvy Price $450.00
Gallery Price $850.00
Man's Vision of Being
Jerry Ingram
Water-based paint on paper board
Sight size
15" height X 27 1/4" width
Triple mats (non-archival), regular glass, antiqued wood molding. Frame needs attention.
Frame size
25" height X 37" width
"Jerry Ingram" at viewer's lower right
Good to fair, as there is faint staining at lower left. See photo.
From the famed Albion Fenderson collection
About The Man's Vision of Being

Male Indian figure (who is most likely a Shaman) with closed eyes and open mouth suggests he is chanting.  There are three teepees behind him.  He is holding a rattle in his left hand.

Had this painting in perfect condition, its gallery price would have been $1,350.00.

Would recommend archival matting and UV blocking glass for its future framing.

About Jerry Ingram

(Born 1941) Choctaw/ Cherokee Formerly a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts (1964) and at the Oklahoma State University of School Tech Training (1966), Ingram has work in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, at the Heard Museum in Phoenix and at the Philbrook Art Center.

He won the Wolfe Robe Hunt Award at the 33rd Annual American Indian Artists' Exhibition at the Philbrook Art Center in 1977.

He is cited in Who's Who in American Art (1972), Who's Who in the West (1975), Art and Individualist by Guy and Doris Monthan and Who's Who in International Art (1975-1980).  His first major show took place in 1969 when Ingram was invited to shaw at Gorman's Navajo Gallery in Taos, New Mexico.

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