Zia Fur Dance

Rafael Medina

Zia Fur Dance, Paintings by Rafael Medina
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Marked Down $2,800.00
Gallery Price $4,500.00
Zia Fur Dance
Rafael Medina
Tempera and watercolor on paper
Sight size
21" height X 29" width
Custom hand-wrapped fabric mat, glass, distressed wood molding
Frame size
31" height X 39" width
"R. Medina ZIA" at viewer's lower right
Date of creation
Circa 1955
Excellent, as appeared framed and glazed.
From the famed Albion Fenderson collection APF
About The Zia Fur Dance

Three dancing Koshares in foreground surround rows of dancers.  At midground is a drummer outside a circle of many male dancers.  Near the kiva at upper left is a single Koshare figure.

Compositions this endowed with figures chronicling dances rarely come on the market any more.

About Rafael Medina

(Born 1929- deceased 1990's) Medina's Indian name was Teeyacheena. He was from Zia pueblo. Medina had an illustrative style of his own in showing dances where poles, which preceded drums, furnished the rhythm for the dances.

Medina attended the Albuquerque Indian School and the Santa Fe Indian School. Medina was a student of Velina Herrera, Jose Rey Toledo and Geronima Montoya. He had been given the Philbrook Award and his works are included in such collections as the Philbrook Art Center, the De Young Gallery, the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Gallery in Portland and the Heard Museum in Phoenix.

His art was reviewed in Patricia Broder's book American Indian Painting and Sculpture on pages 28-29.

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