Sacrifice which the Floridians make to the Sun

Bernard Picart

Sacrifice which the Floridians make to the Sun, Prints by Bernard  Picart
  • Picart engraving
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Sacrifice which the Floridians make to the Sun
Bernard Picart
Plate size
13 1/2" height X 8 5/8" width
Archival French matting, regular glass, gold beaded sight edge, black wood molding (custom)
Frame size
21" height X 17" width
Excellent, as appeared framed, glazed.
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About The Sacrifice which the Floridians make to the Sun

Two depictions of sacrifice.

The first is a sacrifice that the Floridians make to the Sun of their first born. The second is an offering of a stag to the Sun.

From: Cérémonies et Coutumes Religieuses de tous les peuples du monde, représentées par des figures dessinées de la main de Bernard Picard, avec une explication historique. Bernard Picart's illustrated survey of religious practices around the world borrowed from the published Theodore de Bry engravings, 1590. The images were enlarged and some flipped left to right, but otherwise little was altered.

About Bernard Picart

(1673-1733) Born in Paris, Bernard Picart died in Amsterdam. Listed in Benezit's Dictionary of Artists, Picart is listed as a painter, miniaturist, engraver, draughtsman.

Picart chose to depict allegorical subjects, mythological subjects and portraits.  "Heir to the tradition of Jacques Callot, his figures are drawn wit precision and sometimes minute detail and have a particular elegance and a lively technique that anticipates the spirit of the 18th century, particularly that of Gillot and Watteau. Picart was able to achieve a synthesis of Dutch taste and French wit. He was perhaps the most remarkable figure in Dutch engraving in the first third of the 18th century and he was clearly influenced by the French School."

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