Rare Blue Gem Cloud Design Pin

Hopi Jewelry

Rare Blue Gem Cloud Design Pin, Jewelry by   Hopi Jewelry
  • Blue Gem turquoise pin
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Rare Blue Gem Cloud Design Pin
Hopi Jewelry
Blue Gem turquoise and sterling silver
Troy ounces
.33 troy ounces
1 5/8" height X 1 1/4" maximum width
Date of creation
Circa 1945 - 1955
Natural Blue Gem turquoise, a true teal in color
Consigned by an Phoenix jewelry collector COC
Gram weight
10.1 grams
About The Rare Blue Gem Cloud Design Pin

Overall design is a stylized raincloud enhanced with subtle stamped elements. Its perfectly rich turquoise stone is most unusual in its sharp triangular shape.

About Hopi Jewelry
"Hopi silver jewelry has been crafted over a period of 100 plus years, beginning just before 1900 and continuing today. By the mid-1930's some of the silversmiths had begun to mark their jewelry with a personal stamp referred to as a silvermark, but is commonly called a hallmark by collectors. Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton in the late 1930's sought to encourage Hopi silversmiths. She stated "There is only one way to make Hopi silversmithing worthwhile, it must be different from any other Indian silversmithing. They must produce Hopi silver, not Navajo, Pueblo, or Zuni. . . using only Hopi design. Overlay, as used in Hopi silverwork, is basically a piece of silver with a design cut out of it--a negative design. . . The silver that is left after the design has been cut out of it is the part used. This piece is soldered onto a sheet of plain silver and the inside of the design oxidized to show up black against the polished silver." Hopi Silver The History and Hallmarks of Hopi Silversmithing by Margaret Nickelson Wright
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