Hoka Hey

Marwin Begaye

Hoka Hey, Paintings by Marwin Begaye
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Marked Down $1,500.00
Gallery Price $2,500.00
Hoka Hey
Marwin Begaye
Acrylic on canvas
Canvas size
36" height X 39" widith
Painted slat wood molding
Frame size
36 1/2" height X 39 1/2" width
"M. Begaye "93"" at viewer's lower register diagonally
Date of creation
Consigned by the Northern California collector of American Indian art APF
About The Hoka Hey

"Hoka Hey" is a traditional Lakota Sioux shout issued by Lakota warriors about to enter battle.

This painting is the cover illustration for the book It's Not Quiet Anymore:  New Work from the Institute of American Indian Arts (1992).  This book treats poetry written by more than twenty American Indian authors.  See last photo

About Marwin Begaye

(Born 1970) A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh earning an AA degree in Illustration and Graphic Design (1991), Marwin Begaye also attended the Institute of American Indian Arts earning an A.A. degree in Painting in 1994. In 2003 he earned his BFA at the University of Oklahoma. At the U of Oklahoma he achieved his MFA in Printmaking in 2006.

"In his image making, Marwin strives to maintain accountability to family and community. He believes that stereotyped images of Native people are damaging and that fighting them with reality-based subjects is an important goal in his art. Though his primary effort is in making images, he regularly makes commitments to teaching art to support the creative development of others."

His works have been exhibited at The Leonard Peltier Benefit in Pottsville, PA; at the IAIA's Gallery 6; the Swickley Campbell Art Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA; Greer Garson's Gallery Space and at the American Indian Contemporary Arts Gallery.

Begaye was the cover artist for an anthology of Native student writing titled It's Not Quiet Anymore. In 2007 he was awarded the Oklahoma Visual Artists Coalition's Visual Arts Fellowship as well as the Red Earth award in 2009.

He paints portraits reflecting the wisdom, humility and humor of Native people. This highly accomplished individual is currently an Assistant Professor of Printmaking and Painting at the University of Oklahoma.


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