Fine Line and Corrugated Jar

Eva Histia

Fine Line and Corrugated Jar, Pottery by Eva Histia
  • Eva Histia pottery
  • Acoma jar
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Fine Line and Corrugated Jar
Eva Histia
Hand-coiled pottery
10 1/4" height X 8" maximum diameter
"E. Histia Acoma, N.M." in dark slip underneath
Date of creation
Circa 1975
Excellent, except there are 4 pin pricks of spalling delineated in close up photography
CNC, Arizona pottery collector
About The Fine Line and Corrugated Jar

Histia's dynamic fine line work is in extreme contrast to this jar's highly textured neck and smooth lower register, absent of design.

About Eva Histia

Eva Histia was born at Acoma Pueblo in northern New Mexico in 1914. She was active as a potter from 1922 through the 1990s. She specialized in traditional polychrome jars. bowls and fluted wedding vases with twist handles. She also made lamps and owl effigies.

Histia consistently showed at the Santa Fe Indian Market. where she won several awards. She is cited in Southern Pueblo Pottery 2000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf, where three of her pots are illustrated. She is listed in Rick Dillingham's volume Acoma & Laguna Pottery as a potter working at Acoma Pueblo in 1991.

Eva Histia died in 2005.

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