See Vibrant Contemporary American Indian Artwork



10 September 2010 – 2 January 2011 at Mesa Contemporary Arts 6 – 10 pm
opening this Friday 10 September 2010

25 immensely talented artists debut “TranscendingTraditions” !!! 

SavvyCollectors are hungry to see what is current and cutting edge !!!

Marcus Amerman, Rick Bartow, Frank Big Bear, David Bradley, Shonto Begay, Julie Buffalohead, Damian Charette, Lorenzo Clayton, Melissa Cody, Richard Glazer Danay, Jim Denomie, Joe Feddersen, Anita Fields, Susan Folwell, Jason Garcia, David Gaussoin, Wayne Nez Gaussoin, Cheyenne Harris, Randy Kemp, George C. Longfish, Jason Blue Lake Hawk Martinez, Jacob Meders, Douglas Miles, Jennifer Moquino, Virgil Ortiz, Ryan Singer, Ryan Huna Smith,  Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Gail Tremblay, Kade L. Twist, Star Wallowing Bull and Will Wilson.

Free & Open to the Public  One East Main Street
Mesa, AZ   85211-1466

Corinne Cain of

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