1. Deborah Foster

    I own a couple of pieces of art by Anthony Mitchell, An American Indian artist and cannot locate his art gallery or website. One piece is a mixed media signed. It is dated 7-20-00. One is titled The Unforgiven. I wondered if his art has gone up in value much. I paid $600.00 for this piece and $400. for a colored pencil piece titled Yona Micco. Has his works increases in value much? He is a great artist. He also paints feathers and I have one of them. How might I find out if you cannot tell me anything about his work?

  2. Sorry, I am not familiar with Anthony Mitchell or his work. You might contact the Heard Museum, to learn if they have information on him.

  3. Sorry, I only value art I can see in person. Appraisers.org is a website where you can locate a personal property/ fine art appraiser who can assist you.

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