Museums Can Sell Your Donated Items !!!

Check your agreement with any museum to which you are donating art, antiques, any item. 

It is becoming more common for museums to stipulate that they may choose at some point to deaccession (typically sell) your gifted item.

In fact the Association of Art Museum Directors on June 9, 2010 agreed to include the following clause as part of their disposal or deaccession policy:

The work is being sold as part of the museum’s effort to refine and improve its collections, in keeping with the collecting goals reviewed and approved by the museum’s Board of Trustees or governing body.

This stipulation makes it permissible for a museum to sell your item, “to refine and improve its collections”. 

As some givers intend to share their item with those visiting their favorite institution, they should be aware of this possibility, especially when this option is named in the agreement they sign.

Savvy Collectors read BEFORE signing agreements.

Corinne Cain of

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