Fabulous Turnout Mesa Arts Center Opening !!!

Two artists who have artworks on SavvyCollector.com were represented in this 25 artist exhibition:  Rick Bartow as well as Zarco Guerrero

I was interested to see many of the works exhibited were available for purchase.  In a museum setting, this used to be unheard of, but as more institutions are short of funding . . .

For example, the Phoenix Art Museum hosts the Cowboy Artists of America Exhibition/ Sale each year in October.  Competition for some items is so intense you can put your name in a box stationed in front of a drawing, painting or sculpture and IF your name is drawn, you can be the buyer.  Little known secret:  in the old days some highly entrepreneurial individuals put their names in boxes in order to have the opportunity to resell the item for which their name was drawn for a modest profit.  Also, some financially hefty buyers had their employees submit their names to boxes of the most coveted items, in order to increase their chances.  To attend opening night, a ticket to attend might cost $200, hence the “financially hefty” comment.

Was privileged to meet James Luna at the Mesa Arts Center opening.  Mr. Luna was given a room to display photographs and a flat screen presentation referencing his legend work as a psychologically astute installationist.

A generous room was allocated to the highly sophisticated paintings by Mario Martinez.  Detection of the artist’s development was easily experienced.  A price list for available paintings underscored the degree of recognition Martinez has received to date.

Three (3) substantial art exhibits all in downtown Mesa, a city choosing to emphasize the arts, enhancing the city’s appeal in my eyes.

Corinne Cain of www.SavvyCollector.com

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