Books, Books, Books

Met today with an extremely devoted German collector of Michael Kabotie‘s work.  This gentleman and his wife developed a genuine connection to this Hopi artist, recently deceased.  They are committed to creating an informative book sharing information about Michael’s work and the artist’s specific intention.

Met on Monday with one of two of the authors of a beautiful hard-bound book chronicling the work of Quincy Tahoma.  Their book, to be published by Schiffer will be available sometime this April. 

Crumbo portrait book thumbCrumbo woody book cover Uprising!  Woody Crumbo’s Indian Art

by Robert Perry

Each of these volumes will increase awareness
of each of these talented artists’ works.

Plus it is a privilege to not only admire the appearance of their paintings, but through these books, we can learn about their artistic development and qualities as people!

Books being published is noteworthy because one of the earliest books naming American Indian artists was published in 1968.

Corinne Cain of

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