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Annotated Native American Textiles Bibliography

Bennett, Noe. Genuine Navajo Rug How to Tell. Palmer Lake, Colorado: The FilterPress, 1979.

This tiny pamphlet shows pictorially what to look for in judging a Navajo weaving versus a Mexican weaving trying to resemble a Navajo textile.

Blomberg. Nancy.  Navajo Textiles  The William Randolph Hearst Collection.  Tucson, AZ:  University of Arizona Press, 1988.

Campbell, Tyrone and Joel and Kate Kopp. Navajo Pictorial Weaving 1880-1950 Folk Images of Native Americans, New York: Dutton Studio Books, 1991.

A wonderful in-depth look at pictorials by an informed dealer, Tyrone Campbell.

Dedera, Don. Navajo Rugs How to Find, Evaluate, Buy and Care for Them. Flagstaff, Arizona: Northland Publishing, 1996.

An especially keen chapter is Fakes, Frauds and Foolishness.


Getzwiller, Steve. The Fine Art of Navajo Weaving. Tucson, AZ: Ray Manley Publications, 1984.

Written by the most influential traders in Native American textiles for the last 20 years.


Hedlund, Ann Lane. Navajo Weaving in the Late Twentieth Century Kin, Community and Collectors. Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona Press, 2004.

Ann is addressing a period of Navajo weaving heretofore rarely addressed. She is both thorough and warm in her approach, as she relates these recent weaver's output to the historic textiles that preceded them. 

Hedlund, Ann Lane.  Reflections of the Weaver's World. The Gloria F. Ross Collection of Contemporary Navajo Weaving. Denver, Colorado: Denver Art Museum, 1992.

Ann is uniquely qualified to describe the Gloria F. Ross Collection, as she has overseen the collection for more than ten years while at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Plus Ann knows many of the weavers she has interviewed for this book

James, H.L. Rugs and Posts The Story of Navajo Weaving and Indian Trading. West Chester, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd, 1988.

A standard tool that chronicles the different posts and their respective weavings.

Kahlenberg, Mary Hunt and Anthony Berlant.  The Navajo Blanket.  Los Angeles, CA:  Praeger Publishers, Inc., 1972

Kaufman, Alice and Christopher Selser. The Navajo Weaving Tradition 1650 to the Present. New York, NY: E.P. Dutton, Inc.,1985.

These authors, both astute dealers involved in weavings for several decades each, present the complete timeline showing their development.

Kent, Kate Peck. Navajo Weaving Three Centuries of Change. Santa Fe, New Mexico: School of
American Research Press, 1985.

Best condensed history of the development of Pueblo and Navajo weaving.

Lane Coulter ed. Navajo Saddle Blankets Textiles to Ride in the American West. Santa. Fe, New Mexico: Museum of New Mexico Press, 2002.

A long overdue book on working class weavings of the 20th century.

Lucero, Helen R. & Suzanne Baizerman. Chimayo Weaving The Transformation of a Tradition. Albuquerque, New Mexico: University of New Mexico Press, 1999.

An excellent tool to begin your study of Chimayo weavings.

Rodee, Marian E. Old Navajo Rugs Their Development From 1900 to 1940 With Keys to Their Identification. Albuquerque, New Mexico: University of New Mexico Press, 1981.

This is the only book to focus on regional weavings 1900-1940 in depth.

Rodee, Marian.  Southwestern Weaving. Albuquerque, New Mexico: University of New Mexico Press, 1977.

Many illustrations with detailed descriptions of warps, wefts.

Rodee, Marian.  Weaving of the Southwest Revised 2nd Edition.  Atglen, PA:  Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 2003

Two hundred and forty six pages of dated weavings beginning with a Saltillo Serape from the first half of the 19th century to Navajo weavings completed in 1985, this is a wonderful tool to have in your library.

Schaaf, Gregory. American Indian Textiles. 2,000 Artist Biographies. Santa Fe, New Mexico: CIAC Press, 2001.

The only encyclopedia citing American Indian weavers to date.

Valette, Rebecca and Jean-Paul Valette. Weaving the Dance Navajo Yeibichai Textiles (1910-1950). Seattle, Washington:University of Washington Press, 2000.

A welcome softbound book examining these early Yeibichai weavings.

Weaving of the Southwest From the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology. West Chester, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd, 2003 Revised.

One of a very few to cover all weavings beyond Navajo.

Wheat, Joe Ben. Blanket Weaving in the Southwest. Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona Press, 2003.

This is a classic textile scholar's book with extreme detail with respect to yarn content where the fiber is delineated along with its type, the ply count,its spin, twist, color and dye source.

Whitaker, Kathleen. Southwest Textiles Weavings of the Navajo and Pueblo. Seattle,Washington: University of Washington Press, 2002.

Photographs so clear your eyes can feel the weaving. Has one of the most detailed glossaries available on Indian textiles.

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