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Annotated Native American Basketry Bibliography

California Academy of Sciences. Western North American Indian Baskets from the Collection of Clay P. Bedford. San Francisco, California, 1980.

Exquisite photographs with detailing of materials used in basketry.

Dalrymple, Larry. Indian Basketmakers of the Southwest. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Museum of New Mexico Press, 2000.

Emphasis on current basketmakers of the Southwest.

DeWald, Terry. The Papago Indians and Their Basketry. Tucson, AZ: Terry

DeWald, 1979.

The primary dealer in Tohono O’odham basketry is Terry DeWald, making him the best person to impart information about them.

Kania, John & Alan Blaugrund.  Antique Native American Basketry of Western North America:  A Comprehensive Guide to Identification.  Seattle, Washington:  Marquand Books, 2014.

Lobb, Allan. Indian Baskets of the Northwest Coast. Portland, Oregon: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co., 1979.

An essential tool for anyone investigating baskets from the Northwest Coast.

Lopez, Raul A. and Christopher L. Moser., ed., Rods, Bundles and Stitches A Century of Southern California Indian Basketry. Riverside, California:Riverside Museum Press, 1981.

A close examination of Southern California basketry with superior photographs.

Lydia L. Wyckoff ed. Woven Worlds Basketry from the Clark Field Collection at the Philbrook Museum of Art. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Tulsa Museum of Art, 2001.

Sumptuous photographs of baskets are well described and illustrated near excellent maps denoting tribal locations.

McGreevy, Susan Brown. Indian Basketry Artists of the Southwest, Deep Roots, New Growth. Santa Fe, N.M.: School of American Research, 2001.

Welcome information about the original uses of American Indian baskets together with information about the materials they are made from and how they are fashioned. The individual interviews of contemporary basket weavers are a terrific bonus!

Moser, Christopher L. Native American Basketry of Central California. Riverside, California: Riverside Museum Press, 1987.

Native American Basketry of Northern California. Riverside, California: Riverside Museum Press, 1989.

Native American Basketry of Southern California. Riverside, California: Riverside Museum Press, 1993.

These three books are the bible books for California basketry, bountiful photographs!

Schaaf, Gregory. American Indian Baskets I 1,500 Artist Biographies. Santa Fe, New Mexico, CIAC Press, 2006.

The only encyclopedic listing of American Indian basketmakers.

Schlick, Mary Dodds. Columbia River Basketry. Gift of the Ancestors, Gift of the Earth. Seattle, Wash: University of Washington, 1994.

The only book in my library this narrowly focused on Columbia River basketry and well done!

Sentence, Bryan. Art of the Basket Traditional Basketry from Around the World. London, England: Thames & Hudson, 2001.

When you know it is not American Indian made, but want to figure out where it was made, this book helps.

Shanks, Ralph.  California Indian Baskets  San Diego to Santa Barbara and Beyond to the San Joaquin Valley, Mountains and Deserts.  Seattle, Washington:  University of Washington Press, 2010.
Shanks, Ralph.  Indian Baskets of Central California  Art, Culture and History.  Seattle, Washington:  University of Washington Press, 2006.
Shanks, Ralph.  Indian Baskets of Northern California and Oregon.  Seattle, Washington:  University of Washington Press, 2015.

Tanner, Clara Lee. Apache Indian Baskets. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press, 1982.

Indian Baskets of the Southwest. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press, 1983.

Both of the Tanner books are excellent tools for anyone investigating Southwestern baskets.

Teiwes, Helga. Hopi Basket Weaving: Artistry in Natural Fibers. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press, 1996.

In spite of all black and white photography, a solid exploration of wicker, coiled and plaited basketry from Hopi.

Turnbaugh, Sarah and William. Indian Baskets. West Chester, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 1986.

Illustrates and discusses baskets from every tribe.

Whiteford, Andrew Hunter. Southwestern Indian Baskets Their History and Their Makers. Santa Fe, New Mexico: School of American Research Press, 1988.

Excellent book for aligning design characteristics with particular tribes.

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