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Artwork by Marcel Janco

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About the Artist

(1895-1984) "Born Marcel Iancu, this Romanian-born Isaeli painter and architect was one of the founders of the Dada movement.

Both a friend and compatriot of Tristan Tzara, Janco was one of several exiled poets, painters and philosophers who established the Dadaist movement while living in Zurich, Switzerland.  In 1922; however, Janco returned to Romania where he lived until moving to Palestine in 1941 to avoid the Nazis.

One of the founders of the New Horizons Group in 1938, there is a museum that opened in 1983 that features both Janco's work as well as the history of the Dada movement.

In 1953, Janco established the Ein Hod artists' village near Haifa, Israel.

In 1946 and again in 1951 Janco was awarded the Dizengoff Prize for Painting.  In 1957 he was awarded the Israel Prize in painting."

the above was taken from Wikipedia