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Artwork by Jackie Tointigh

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About the Artist

(Born 1948) This Kiowa Apache artist's name translates to "Black Horse".

Both a sculptor and a painter since 1974, Toinigh is known for his use of acrylic paint, watercolor and stone. Combining traditional subject matter with contemporary technique, this Southern Plains Indian artist has been collected by the following museums: the Stoval Museum of Science and History at the University of Oklahoma, the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma's Tribal Museum, the Wichita Trival Museum, the Southern Plains Museum, the Custer Battlefield Museum, the Kirkpatrick Center of the American Indian, the Shoshone Warm Springs Tribal Museum, the Mid-American All-Indian Center Museum.  The details of his work remain true to life.  He refuses to fictionalize any aspect of his compositions.

Tointigh's numerous awards have been awarded since he began painting professionally in 1974.