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Artwork by Weller pottery

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About the Artist

Weller Pottery began production in 1872. Weller was founded by Samuel Weller. In 1895, Weller pottery acquired Lonhuda Pottery. With the addition of Lonhuda, Weller began production of Louwelsa. Louwelsa would become one of Weller's most popular lines and ultimately included over 500 different shapes of vases and bowls.

In 1895, Charles Upjohn joined Weller pottery as art director. Upjohn's most recognized line is Dickens Ware. Upjohn ultimately left Weller Pottery in 1904. In 1902 Weller hired Jacques Sicard. Sicard developed the Sicard line; which continues to be one of Weller's most sought-after patterns to this date. Weller Sicard production ended in 1907.

By 1906 many of the more popular, hand-decorated Weller pottery patterns such as Aurelian, Eocean, Etna, Modeled Matte, Art Nouveau were already in production. By the early 1920s, many of the prestigious hand-decorated lines of Weller pottery were discontinued as production shifted to higher production commercial art pottery.

However, even into the l920s Weller was still introducing several significant lines including LaSa and Hudson. The LaSa line was introduced by John Lessell who became art director for Weller pottery in 1920. The Weller Hudson line was developed in the late teens to early 20s and to this day remains among the highest quality, hand decorated pottery ever produced. Other popular Weller patterns from the 1920s include, Blue Drapery, Louella, Glendale, Knifewood, and Warwick. Weller pottery continued to produce high quality pottery into the 1930s including such lines as Sabrinian, Chase, Bonito, Geode, Raceme and Stellar.

By 1935, Weller pottery abandoned hand decoration and produced only molded pottery. In early 1948 Weller pottery ceased production.